Bioconductor Community Awards

The Bioconductor project proudly launched in 2020 an initiative to honor contributions to the project. Each year, four awardees will be selected, each having contributed to the project in an outstanding way based on one or more of the criteria listed below. The awardees will be recognized during a ceremony at the annual Bioconductor conference, as well as on the Bioconductor website.

Award criteria

The awardees will be selected among the nominees based on the following criteria. It is possible, but not required, for multiple criteria to contribute towards the selection of an awardee. Up to four awardees are selected in each call using the below criteria as justification. One award each year is dedicated to a junior developer or new package development.

All nominees suggested will be considered for the award. The nominations will be processed, and the awardees will be selected, by the current members of the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board and Technical Advisory Board. Currently active members of either of these boards are not eligible for an award. For more details about the selection process see the Proceedures and Regulations

How to nominate a person

In order to nominate someone for the awards, please fill out the nomination Google Form, with the following information:

  1. Your full name and e-mail address.
  2. Full name and e-mail address of the nominee.
  3. The relevant award criteria.
  4. Motivation for the nomination and how the nominee satisfies the selected award criteria.

The form is available 3-4 months before the annual Bioconductor conference. It will be advertised on the conference website, Bioconductor social media platforms, and support site forums. If you are unable to fill out a google form, please contact to nominate a candidate.

The deadline to nominate a candidate for the Bioc2023 Awards is Wednsday May 31 st, 2023. The Bioc2023 Awards will be announced during the annual conference August 2-4, 2023.


Important dates:

Awardees 2023

Susan Holmes

Matthew Ritchie

Constantin Ahlmann-Eltze

Simone Bell

Previous Winners

2022: Sean Davis, Erica Feick, Nicole Kramer, Hervé Pagès

2021: Aedin Culhane, Laurent Gatto, James MacDonald, Charlotte Soneson, Leonardo Collado-Torres

2020: Helena Crowell, Aaron Lun, Lori Shepherd, Gordon Smyth


Questions can be addressed via email to cab(at)