Analysis of microarray experiments

  1. Overview of statistical inference approaches for genomic experiments (S. Dudoit, V. J. Carey) (R)
  2. Distances and metrics for genomic experiments (R. Gentleman, B. Ding, S. Dudoit, and J. Ibrahim) (R)
  3. Clustering (K. S. Pollard and M. J. van der Laan) (R)
  4. Design and analysis of differential gene expression studies (D. Scholtens and A. von Heydebreck) (R)
  5. Multiple comparisons (K. S. Pollard, S. Dudoit, and M. J. van der Laan) (R)
  6. Machine learning in microarray analyses (V. J. Carey) (R)
  7. Computational inference (T. Hothorn, M. Dettling, P. Buhlmann) (R)
  8. Browser-based Affymetrix analysis and annotation (C. A. Smith) (R)