Education and Training

The Bioconductor teaching committee

The Bioconductor teaching committee is a collaborative effort to consolidate Bioconductor-focused training material and establish a community of Bioconductor trainers. We define a curriculum and implement online lessons for beginner and more advanced R users who want to learn to analyse their data with Bioconductor packages.

The Bioconductor teaching committee reports to the Bioconductor Community Advisory Board. It is currently chaired by Charlotte Soneson and Laurent Gatto. Membership is open to everybody interested in contributing and joining the discussion during the monthly meetings (announced on the Google group, see below).

This meta-repository is used for general discussions. The respective lessons are developed as modules in their own repositories.


Notes and meetings



If you are interested in this project and want to get in touch or participate, please contact the group via the Google group or individual members on slack or by email.