Introduction to R / Bioconductor

Buffalo, NY

2016-05-16 ~ 2016-05-17



This is a two-day course introducing R and Bioconductor for the analysis and comprehension of high-throughput genomic (sequencing, microarray, ...) data.


  1. Introduction HTML R Rmd
  2. Input and Manipulation HTML R Rmd
  3. Statistical Analysis HTML R Rmd
  4. Visualization HTML R Rmd
  5. Introduction To Bioconductor HTML R Rmd
  6. Common Operations HTML R Rmd
  7. RNASeq Workflow HTML R Rmd
  8. Next Steps HTML R Rmd

Course Package

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Bioconductor's stable, semi-annual release:

Bioconductor is also available viaDocker Images and for use in the AnVIL.

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R / CRAN packages and documentation