Afternoon Practicals (Labs)

Analyzing flow cytometry data in Bioconductor
Bioconductor for microarray quality assessment
Efficient string manipulation and genome-wide motif searching with Biostrings and the BSgenome data packages
Using the Databases within: a closer look at the new Annotation Packages
X:Map and exonmap tools for exon level annotation and exploration of Affymetrix exon array data
Getting Started with Lattice Graphics
Pairwise Sequence Alignments using Biostrings
Machine learning with Bioconductor: MLInterfaces
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis with R
rtracklayer: an R interface to existing genome browsers
ShortRead: tools for input and quality assessment of high-throughput sequence data
Fitting linear models to one-color arrays using limma
Presenting the results of an analysis - annotating data and creating useful output for one-color arrays