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BioC2005 Conference


  • Eric Schadt - Characterizing co-expression networks in liver, adipose, and brain tissues in segregating mouse populations
  • Martin McIntosh - Comparative profiling of complex protein mixtures with peptide arrays generated from LC-MS mass spectrometry
  • John Storey - Significance Analysis of Time Course Microarray Experiments
  • Wolfgang Huber - Array of plenty - analysis of a 4 base resolution yeast genome tiling array
  • Sridhar Ramaswamy - Genome-wide views of Human Cancer
  • Michael Boutros - Genome-wide Approaches to Dissect Cellular Signaling by RNAi
  • Ram Samudrala - Modelling proteomes
  • BioC Overview - Rafael Irizarry, Robert Gentleman, and Vincent Carey present an overview of BioConductor with emphasis on future directions for the project.
  • Steve Lincoln - Emerging Technology and Applications of Affymetrix GeneChips: Implications for Data Management and Analysis
  • Rachel Brem - Local regulatory variation in S. cerevisiae