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Post to the Bioconductor mailing list through this form, without needing to subscribe. Feel free to read and subscribe to the list. Please read the posting guide. It's especially important to include the output of sessionInfo() when reporting a problem.

Your email address will be added to the "To:" line in the email that is sent, which means that people who respond may "Reply All" and you will get their responses. There is no guarantee they will respond this way, so you should watch the list archive for responses.

Remember to Cc: the package maintainer below, as they do not always monitor the Bioconductor list.


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Paste the output of the R command sessionInfo() below: (What is this?)

What is sessionInfo()?

sessionInfo() is an R function which provides information about the version of R you are running and the packages you have loaded.

This information will help us to answer your question.

To fill in this box, type sessionInfo() at an R prompt and paste the output below.

For more information on this function, type
?sessionInfo at an R prompt.

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