R Bio: Untangling Genomes

Montevideo, Uruguay

2015-10-05 ~ 2015-10-10



This course introduced students to untangling genomes through bioinformatics using R/Bioconductor and tools for pathway analysis. See the course web site for additional detail.


This page summarizes material presented by Martin Morgan and Houtan Noushmehr; additional course material may be available on the course home page

Martin Morgan’s material:

  1. Introduction: HTML Rmd R

  2. Working With Data - SummarizedExperiment: HTML Rmd R

  3. Genomic Ranges For Genome-Scale Data And Annotation: HTML Rmd R

  4. Adding Annotation To Your Analysis: HTML Rmd R

  5. Counting Reads And Working With Large Files: HTML Rmd R

  6. RNA-Seq Differential Expression: HTML Rmd R

  7. ChIP-Seq for Understanding Gene Regulation: HTML Rmd R

Supplement 1: RNA-Seq Workflow: HTML Rmd R

Supplement 2: RNA-Seq Statistical Issues: HTML Rmd R

Houtan Noushmehr’s material:

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Bioconductor's stable, semi-annual release:

Bioconductor is also available viaDocker Images and for use in the AnVIL.

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