Advanced R / Bioconductor Workshop on High-Throughput Genetic Analysis

Seattle, USA

2012-02-27 ~ 2012-02-28



The Advanced R / Bioconductor Workshop on High-Throughput Genetic Analysis is a unique combination of expert practitioners and advanced students working together to explore statistical and bioinformatic issues in analysis of high throughput genomic data.


Data Structures and Packages for Reproducible High-throughput Analysis

1. Introduction


2. A Generalized Interface for Annotations


3. High-level S4 Containers for HTS Data

Slides Solutions to exercises

4. Annotation of Genetic Variants

Slides Exercises

ChIP-Seq Analysis with R and Bioconductor

Slides R Code Data Sets

Isoform-specific RNA-seq

Slides R Code Package

Run the following R code to install the dependencies for this package:


Genetics of Expression and the Implementation of Very High Throughput Statistical Test Procedures


Accomplishing Exome Sequencing Data Tasks with Bioconductor

Slides Website

Machine Learning for Next-Generation Sequence Analysis


Biclustering and Analysis of Large Gene Sets


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