Bioconductor European Developers' Workshop 2012

Zurich, Switzerland

2012-12-13 ~ 2012-12-14




Overview of Bioconductor - Martin Morgan

Containers for Integrative and Experimental Data - Martin Morgan

Rejoinder - Martin Morgan

Integrated Analysis Of ChIP-seq/chip using ChIPpeakAnno and GeneNetworkBuilder - Lihua Julie Zhu

The QTLseq Package - Przemyslaw Biecek

Finding de novo copy number variants in case-parent trios for oral clefts - Rob Scharpf

A brief tour of the ENSEMBL REST API - Tim Yates

Reproducible Statistical Analyses Today - Torston Hothorn

VariantAnnotation and ensemblVEP - Valerie Obenchain

Counting with summarizeOverlaps - Valerie Obenchain

BayMeth: Improved DNA methylation quantification for affinity capture sequencing data - Andrea Riebler

Complete ChIP-seq, RNA-seq and Bis-seq analysis work-flow with R/Bioconductor and QuasR - Anita Lerch

methylPipe: a library for the analysis of base-resolution DNA methylation data - Mattia Pelizzola

reactome.db - Willem Ligtenberg

rnaSeqMap library in use - Anna_Leśniewska

aroma.seq: Bringing sequence analysis to the Aroma Framework - Henrik Bengtsson

Open-source software for bioinformatics: parallel computing and large datasets with R - Benilton Carvalho

featureDB – storing and querying genomic annotation - Arne Müeller

Visualizing genomic features with the Gviz package - Florian Hahne

A brief introduction to TransView - Julius Müller

SparseData - Michael Love

easyRNAseq Where from, where to? - Nicolas Delhomme

Observations of a year as a Bioconductor pipeline package developer - Rory Stark

Differential expression analysis for sequencing count data - Simon Anders

Representation and parallelism in genomic QTL discovery - Vince Carey

Chimera - A package for secondary analysis of fusion products - Raffaele A Calogero

A Multi-Language Environment for Reproducible Research - Julian Gehring

Exon array case study - Lenka Radova

The qpgraph package: Network inference and eQTL mapping - Robert Castelo

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