Introduction to R and Bioconductor

Seattle, USA

2010-12-09 ~ 2010-12-10



This workshop is designed to introduce new users to essential R / Bioconductor tools useful in high throughput analysis. Topics are covered at a very high level to provide participants with an overview of available tools; individual topics are not covered in detail.


Installing the course package on your computer

We will use R version 2.12.0. To install this version of R, visit (Windows, Mac OS, install from source or binary for Linux).
The course uses additional R and Bioconductor packages. To install these packages, start R and cut and paste the following command into your R session:



Thursday Morning

Introduction to R

Introduction to R - Lab

Introduction to Bioconductor

Introduction to Bioconductor - Lab

Thursday Afternoon

Microarray Analysis

Microarray Analysis - Lab


Friday Morning

Sequence Analysis

Sequence Analysis - Lab

Sequence Differential Representation

Friday Afternoon

DNA Sequences and Ranges

Using the GenomicFeatures package

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Bioconductor's stable, semi-annual release:

Bioconductor is also available viaDocker Images and for use in the AnVIL.

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R / CRAN packages and documentation