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Bioconductor is an open source and open development software project
for the analysis and comprehension of genomic data.


Getting Started


The first several hours of the course require only the R program, so the top priority is to get to step 3.

  1. If you need to install R, copy the appropriate installer from the 'R-program' folder of the thumb drive to your hard drive.
  2. Copy the appropriate folder ('mac', 'windows', or 'linux') from the thumb drive to your hard drive.
  3. Pass the thumb drive to the next person.
  4. If you need to install R, double-click on the installer you copied in step 1.
  5. Start R, e.g., by double clicking on the installed program icon.
  6. On Windows, use the menu 'Packages > Install package(s) from local zip' to navigate to the folder you copied, select all files, and click OK. On other operating systems, type a command like:
    select all available files in the resulting pop-up window, and click OK.

If you have problems, let one of the course instructors know.


BioC 2.5, consisting of 352 packages and designed to work with R 2.10.z, was released today.


R, the open source platform used by Bioconductor, featured in a series of articles in the New York Times.