print {siggenes}R Documentation

SAM specific print method


Prints the statistics (FDR, number of differentially expressed genes etc.) for an object of class SAM


  print(x, delta = NULL, n.digits = 3)


x a SAM object
delta a numeric value or vector specifying one or a set of Deltas for which statistics as the number of differentially expressed genes and the estimated FDR should be plotted. If NULL the Delta values of x will be used
n.digits an integer specifying the number of decimal places in the output


SAM was deveoped by Tusher et al. (2001).

!!! There is a patent pending for the SAM technology at Stanford University. !!!


Holger Schwender,


Tusher, V.G., Tibshirani, R., and Chu, G. (2001). Significance analysis of microarrays applied to the ionizing radiation response. PNAS, 98, 5116-5121.

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