Pull upstream changes

Goal: Your Bioconductor repository has been updated by the core team. You want to fetch these commits from Bioconductor, merge them into your local repository, and push them to GitHub.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to fetch updates from Bioconductor before making more changes. This will help prevent merge conflicts.


These steps update the master branch.

  1. Make sure you are on the appropriate branch.

     git checkout master
  2. Fetch content from Bioconductor

     git fetch upstream
  3. Merge upstream with the appropriate local branch

     git merge upstream/master

    Get help on Resolve merge conflicts if these occur.

  4. If you also maintain a GitHub repository, push changes to GitHub’s (origin) master branch

     git push origin master

To pull updates to the current RELEASE_X_Y branch, replace master with RELEASE_X_Y in the lines above.

See instructions to Sync existing repositories with changes to both the Bioconductor and GitHub repositories.