Create a local repository for private use

Goal: A user (not the package developer) would like to modify functions in a package to meet their needs. There is no GitHub repository for the package.


  1. Clone the package from the Bioconductor repository. As an end user, you do not have write access to the repository, so use the https protocol

     git clone<ExamplePackage>
  2. Make changes to your local repository. Commit the changes to your local repository. A best practice might modify the changes in a new branch

     git checkout -b feature-my-feature
     ## modify
     git commit -a -m "feature: a new feature"

    and then merge the feature onto the branch corresponding to the release in use, e.g.,

     git checkout <RELEASE_X_Y>
     git merge feature-my-feature
  3. Rebuild (to create the vignette and help pages) and reinstall the package in your local machine by running in the parent directory of ExamplePackage

     R CMD build ExamplePackage
     R CMD INSTALL ExamplePackage_<version.number>.tar.gz
  4. The package with the changes should be available in your local R installation.