Add collaborators and leverage GitHub features

Goal: You would like to take advantage of the social coding features provided by GitHub, while continuing to update your Bioconductor repository.

Maintaining Collaborators on GitHub

  1. Adding a new collaborator

  2. Removing collaborator

Pull requests on GitHub

  1. Merging a pull request

Push GitHub changes to the Bioconductor repository

Once you have accepted pull requests from your package community on GitHub, you can push these changes to Bioconductor.

  1. Make sure that you are on the branch to which the changes were applied, for example master.

     git checkout master
  2. Fetch and merge the GitHub changes to your local repository.

     git fetch origin
     git merge

    Resolve merge conflicts if necessary.

  3. Push your local repository to the upstream Bioconductor repository.

     git push upstream master

    To push GitHub release branch updates to the Bioconductor release branch, replace master with name of the release branch, e.g.: RELEASE_3_6.