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Consider contributing your completed R package to Bioconductor if the package

Other avenues for distributing your package include CRAN (for packages only tangentially related to areas of Bioconductor emphasis) and repositories such as r-forge or github (for packages in early stages of development). Many Bioconductor packages import or depend on CRAN packages. CRAN packages importing or depending on many Bioconductor packages can be problematic, because of the different approaches to repository structure and release schedules.

Packages submitted to Bioconductor must meet a checklist of standards of functionality, documentation, and interoperability. See Contact information to obtain instructions for submitting new packages.

Authors receive initial feedback in 1 to 3 weeks. Packages will be checked for adherence to the Bioconductor package guidelines and the checklist below by a member of Bioconductor team. Package developers should consult the full Bioconductor Package Guidelines. Submission implies commitment to package maintenance across multiple release cycles.


Packages must satisfy the following checklist:

Packages should also conform to the following:

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From submission to acceptance


Following acceptance of a package:


If the developer had made an error and not bumped the version from 0.99.1 to 0.99.2, then the package would be built by the nightly build process, but the new version would not propagate to the public repository. biocLite("DemoPackage") would return the old version 0.99.1 of the package.

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Additional Support

We are eager to enhance the quality and interoperability of Bioconductor software and will provide additional support when requested by package developers. Example areas of assistance include use of appropriate S4 structures, specific guidance on efficient implementation, guidance on code structure, and critical assessment of package documentation and structure. Use the bioc-devel mailing list or the Contact information below to obtain additional support.

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Contact Information

To submit a package or obtain additional support, contact Jim Hester

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Source code is stored in svn (user: readonly, pass: readonly).

Software packages are built and checked nightly. Build reports:


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