New package workflow

Goal: You have developed a package in GitHub, following the Bioconductor new package Contributions README and other guidelines, and your package has been accepted! The accepted package has been added to the Bioconductor git repository. Now what?

After your package has been accepted, it is visible on the Bioconductor git server.


  1. Bioconductor needs to know your SSH ‘public key’. Bioconductor will use keys in<your-github-id>.keys.

    Alternatively, submit your SSH public key or github id to Bioconductor.

  2. Configure the “remotes” of your local git repository. You will need to push any future changes to your package to the Bioconductor repository, and pull changes the Bioconductor core team will make (e.g., bug fixes or bumping a version number for a new release). Add a remote to your machine’s local git repository using:

     git remote add upstream<YOUR-REPOSITORY-NAME>.git
  3. Pull upstream changes made by the Bioconductor core team during addition of your repository.

  4. See other scenarios for working with Bioconductor and GitHub repositories, in particular: